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>Cosmetic / Health Peptide >Prezatide Copper Acetate(GHK-Cu)

General Information of GHK-Cu:
  Product Name GHK-Cu
Copper Tripeptide-1
GHK Copper
Prezatide Copper Acetate
  Sequence Gly-His-Lys-Cu.XHAc
  Molecular Formula C16H28CuN6O6
  Molecular Weight 463.975
  CAS No 130120-57-9

  Appearance Blue Powder 
  Identify by MS(GHK)
  Amino Acids :         ±10%theoretical
  Water Content(KF) :      ≤5%
  Purity(GHK by HPLC): ≥95.0%
  Cu2+ Content :       4.0~8.0%

Packing:  Plastic vials or glass vials or your request.
Storage:Cool and dry place protected from air.